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Friday Linkdump for 2018-03-16

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  • TensorSlow — A minimalist machine learning API that mimicks the TensorFlow API, but is implemented in pure Python (without a C backend) for maximal code understandability, rather than maximal efficiency.
  • vim-anywhere — Use Vim, anywhere.
  • Mastering PostgreSQL Tools: Full-Text Search and Phrase Search — Postgres builds word vectors to perform keyword search database-wide
  • VisiData — An open-source multitool for interacting with tabular data from within the terminal.
  • Report from the Geniatech vs. McHardy GPL violation court hearing
  • Prince 11 — Convert HTML documents to PDF.
  • Learning from Errors — “ If the goal is optimal performance in high-stakes situations, it may be worthwhile to allow and even encourage students to commit and correct errors while they are in low-stakes learning situations rather than to assiduously avoid errors at all costs.”
  • Weird stuff: Mind-uploading — A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal”
  • Fun stuff: Slackbox — Spotify playlist collaboration through Slack; and some old post on controlling Spotify with Slack and a Raspberry Pi.
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