Topic: Research and Development

MediaWiki’s Visual Editor, and text editing on the web in general

Editing and formatting text on the web comprises of an interesting sub-field of web development. The web allows for different ways to turn text into HTML markup. First I'll outline some of the background of interactive text formatting on the web from my perspective, and then go into some configuration details of MediaWiki's Visual Editor that I found interesting.

How to Branch React Libraries

When I've found it necessary to make changes to the npm libraries I'm using in React, the process isn't well-documented and I've found some guidelines through trial and error.

There Is No Such Thing as a Static Site

The expectation that all basic webservers will behave similarly with the same static content has some limitations. Between Apache, Nginx, and S3/Cloudfront, there are plenty of opportunities to discover discrepancies around directory indexing, authentication, 404 handling, compression, and caching. Static site generators are a tool, not a silver bullet.

Smoke(test)ing for Health

At CTL, we've been using smoketest for several years now. It is a standard part of our stack now and has helped us prevent numerous issues from making it to production as well as simplified and sped up the identification and fixing of production environment issues.

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