We attend conferences, meetings, meetups, workshops, summits, talks, and hackathons. Sometimes we even present at these events. And here, we share our reactions, impressions, ideas, what we've learned, and follow-ups.


Our development workflow from discovery and planning to implementation and deployment. The way we collaborate, build, test, iterate, improvise, migrate, sustain, experiment and analyze. How we play, explore, and be creative.


The creative and technical strategies we adopt, and the innovations and solutions we build for projects. The effects and evaluation of technology on the projects' pedagogical goals. Finding the balance between novelty and sustainability.

Research and Development

Our explorations and experiments on new technology and engineering to keep abreast of the ever-changing tech-ecosystem that shapes learning experiences. This is a crucial component because if we stand still, we risk falling behind.


A corollary of research and development, where we test new technology, take it apart, and perhaps improvise it. Then we assess its effects on pedagogy, its application in our current approaches, and how its potential can advance future solutions.


Interesting links posted to our internal Slack channel, curated weekly.


Posts that focus on systems administration, devops, and technical infrastructure. While we don't have a dedicated devops team, we're a small shop and all take turns managing our technical infrastructure. These posts document our explorations, investigations and adventures in server/database/network/etc administration.

User Experience

How users use our applications, and how it matches our expectations. The methodologies and user stories we consider to improve the experience, from responsive design, accessibility, platform compatibility, to back-end performance optimization.


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