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Print Is a Device

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Printing web content has not fallen out of favor, and because it is very much ingrained in the culture of content consumption, we need to include the printed media in our web development process. In this post, I offer some guidance because web printing is not as straightforward as one might assume.

Deconstructing for Accessibility

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This summer, we migrated two projects, MATCH and PASS, to a more open and sustainable framework. Openness and sustainability pose interesting challenges such as responsiveness and accessibility. We have committed ourselves to good faith effort in making sure that both sites perform well on all devices including assistive technologies.

Musings on Evil UI

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I spent my weekend at HOPE, a hacker convention run by the good folks at 2600 Magazine. There were many interesting (and occasionally hilarious) talks on a variety of subjects, from the weirdest things you can send via the postal service to the basics of hacking DNA to a discussion of the GPS technology in NYC taxi cabs.

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